Garage Door Maintenance Tips
Garage doors are often closed and opened several times in a day, making
them susceptible to wear and tear. Many homeowners pay little attention to
garage door maintenance or ignore it altogether until something stops
working. Routine safety and maintenance checks on your garage doors will
ensure your garage doors are in a good working condition and save you the
extra costs of garage door repair or replacement. Maintenance doesn’t have
to be a big deal. Take a look at a few easy steps you can take, as much as
is needed (once a month is recommended) to ensure your garage doors are top

Lubricate the moving parts
Apply some lubricant to the moving parts o your garage door regularly or contact a garage door repair company to do so. This
includes the tracks, trolleys, hinges, pulleys, and bearings. Do not,
however, apply any lubrication on plastic parts. It is important to read
the manufacturer’s instruction manual and only use the recommended
lubricant. The bottom part of the door’s chain rail and the spring should
however not be sprayed with any lubricant. Wiping off the excess oil is
important as it will only collect dirt and grime with time.

Clean your garage door
Dust and other outdoor pollutants collect with time and create a grime on
the track. Regularly clean the tracks with warm water and a mild detergent.
For metal doors, you can get a light car wax which protects the finish.

Tighten the hardware
Because the garage door moves a lot, the hardware tends to become loose. If
not taken care of, this could lead to serious problems such as your garage
door coming off the tracks. Use a socket wrench to regularly tighten the
roller brackets and bolts.

Install weather seals on your garage doors
Weather seals prevent moisture from getting into the garage. They also help
you save on the energy bills. Weather seals are applied at the bottom of
the garage door, between door panels and on the garage door frame. Should
you notice the seals are brittle or cracked, you will need to replace them
immediately. You will also have to keep them clean by simply wiping them
with vinyl cleaner every two months.

Test the garage door balance
An improperly balanced garage door will make the garage door opener work
harder, and will not last long before it eventually stops working.
To do this, disconnect the door opener and move the door halfway. If the
door does not stay put, the springs are improperly balanced. Here’s a video
that shows you exactly how to check your door’s balance.
Remember spring adjustments are best done by a professional.

Realign the garage door sensors
When the sensors are misaligned, they will not function properly.
Realigning the sensors only requires gently pushing them into the right
position where they would be facing each other. Blinking lights are an
indicator that the sensors are not aligned properly. Once this is
corrected, a solid light will replace the blinking light.

Test the safety reverse
Place an object on the ground in the door’s path and attempt to close it.
The door should automatically reverse as it comes into contact with the
object. If this does not happen, follow the instructions on the
manufacturers manual to increase the close limit of your door.