Die cutting is a beautiful element to add to your craft work. You can do a lot of creative things with die cutting. Die cutting is the term that is used to mass produce cut-out shapes. It is the art of creating the same shapes and the same dimensions again and again without using the help of scissors or stencils, or any craft knife. You can get a lot of pieces with the same size and dimension, and it saves a lot of time, and you also get neat, professional looking cut-outs.

Everything you need to know about Die Cutting

Manual die cutting machines:

These manual cutting machines are usually operated with an easy-to-turn lever. It uses a steel die to cut the materials. Some manual die cutting machines have a powered element that helps in the turn the crank or lever. When the paper and die pass through the manual device, a uniform pressure is applied, and the die cuts the material that is inserted. The most common manual die cutting machines are made by We R Memory Keepers, Sizzix, and Spellbinders.

The following are some of the things in which die cutting are used:

Die cutting are used in a variety of fields like Scrapbooking, cake decorating, card making, T-shirt decals, Vinyl cutting, Sticker making, Party Decorations, Invitations, General crafts and labels. Almost all these fields require bulk products to be cut into the same shape and size and thus die cutting is one of the best options to save time and money.

How Does Die Cutting Work?

  • Manual Die cutting machines lets you make simple designs out of many materials. The cutting adds texture and to your craft work.
  • Most of the die cutting machines usually work well with many materials and have the capacity to make fine patterns that would otherwise be manually impossible to cut with our hands. There are three die cutting machines — electronic, manual, and digital.
  • The Manual machines have a rolling base that is connected to a handle which is on the side of the machine. Once the die is slotted into the device, the paper or the desired material is placed on the base. When the handle is turned, it rolls its base forward and presses down the material and cuts it as per the design.
  • The automatic die cutting machine works the same way as a manual cutter, but it looks more like a printer. You need to make sure that you insert an adhesive paper to keep everything in place.
  • Digital die cutters are high tech, and it uses a completely different process from the other two machines. The machine is linked to a computer where you can use software to create your own designs and cut the materials accordingly. The digital machines are more expensive than the manual and the electronic cutters.

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